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Co-living is a modern form of housing where residents share living space and a set of interests, values, and/or intentions. Co-living offers professionals and digital nomads a new way to live an exciting yet affordable life that’s filled with community and creativity. The number of co-living spaces around the world is increasing extremely fast. EasyLiving is here to help you understand what co-living is and find your perfect co-living space for free.

Perfect for digital nomads

As a digital nomad, co-living offers you the perfect combination of work and play.

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Easily find and book rooms in coliving spaces around the world!

“Co-living helps young professionals live with purpose and share their passion.”


With co-living, you’ll save money by sharing a living space with like-minded people

Co-living is for you

Coliving is for people who want a home environment that actively supports them in living with purpose and intention.
For some, co-living merely constitutes cohabitation within a single apartment, dormitory, or house with a roommate. And up to a certain, small extent, that notion may be true. But for many others, it is more than just sharing a space with someone. It is a global movement that seeks to improve its residents’ quality of life – and beyond.

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